Gemak Comissions Whey to Biogas Conversion

Date: 23/12/2011

Gemak was chosen by the The scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey to design, manufacture and install a Biogas plant at a Dairy in Ankara, Turkey


The first practical study for the system started in April 2009 under the supervision of Doc. Dr. S. Ferda Mutlu at the Ankara Gazi University Engineering and Architecture Faculty. During the Laboratory trials, whey with a known Chemical Oxygen Demand was fed into the system continuously for 100 days and the analysis established a treatment level of 95-97% with a constant gas outlet. Based on these promising results, Gemak started work on Industrial scale systems.


The industrial project was than selected for funding by the TUBITAK (The scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) as a first industrial scale project in Turkey. The project started on the 01.02.2010 and finished on the 28.02.2011 successfully with a Compliance Certificate issued by an independent council appointed by TUBITAK

This project was designed with a capacity of 10,000 lt whey/day. The whole design, manufacturing, automation and commissioning was done by Gemak.


For the industrial tests and compliance to be established, the system was installed at the Baskent University Dairy Plant (Ackar Dairy Plant).


The pilot plant was tested for 120 days with treatment of 10,000 lt of whey/day. The biogas analysis and the water were tested on a daily basis with the below conclusions:

The treatment level of whey was established at: 95%

The analysis of gas obtained:  % 65-70 CH4, % 29-34 CO2, %0-1 H2 -O2 -CO and trace of H2S

The results were consistent and in parallel with our laboratory scale unit findings.