Gemak install 1st Plant based yogurt facility in Skelmersdale, UK


Date: 15/08/2018

Soupreme Foods Limited have chosen Gemak to design and install a fully automated dairy-free, plant based yogurt facility.


Soupreme Established in 2017 based created a brand new state of the art 50,000 square foot allergen free manufacturing facility situated in Skelmersdale, Lancashire UK. Producing a diverse range of plant based private label food products for the retail and foodservice sectors creating one of the fastest growing business Dairy free business’s in the UK.

The 2,000 lph continuous plant was designed, manufactured, delivered, installed and commissioned and signed off as a turnkey solution by Gemak within a record time of 17 weeks of orders being placed.

The plant incorporates a  continuous recipe mixing and processing application that was developed by Gemak and already applied successfully at a number of yogurt and ice-cream plants around the world.

The application removes a timely process of pre-mixing and preparing of the blends for the base prior to pasteurisation with a new inline automated liquid/frozen recipe blend process in line with the continuous pasteurisation. The benefits of the new system are 60-80% reduction in energy use, 70% increase in processing speed, 60% improvement in process controls, monitoring and recording.

Soupreme Foods CEO, Terry Haigh said “We are very excited about our new plant and the new opportunities it will bring to our business”.

Gemak have been an exemplary process partner to us from start to finish hitting all budget, time and performance criteria that was given to them. I was very impressed by their setup, manufacturing capabilities and know how. They have a great work ethic that exceeded our expectation, and I would definitely work with Gemak on any of our future projects.

Kursat Uysal from Gemak UK said “We are very excited about the first plant based yogurt installation in the UK. This solution has proven to be very successful in other markets in the last 2 years offering tremendous savings in energy, increased speed and better process controls. Gemak specialise in process solutions for the dairy industry and has manufactured and installed over 300 turnkey dairy plants around the world since 1986.”