Gemak installs turnkey dairy plant in Wakefield

Date: 22/08/2012

Gemak was chosen by Fresh Patures CIC of Osset to design, manufacture, automate, install and commision a turnkey 10000 lt/hr milk processing plant which was commisioned early 2012.

Gemak designed, manufactured and commissioned turnkey plant within a record time of 4 months from order

The project was awarded to Gemak having been successful over competition on key aspects, namely price, flexibility, technology, quality, lead time and service. Gemak has been competitive even when compared to the second hand equipment market.

Design and equipment selection:

Gemak was asked to design all aspects of the project within a low height,  existing building as layouts, flow diagrams, P&ID and 3D design for water, ice water, air, electrics, steam, product and C.I.P lines.

The individiual equipment and tanks were designed to fit and work comfortably within the existing building.


Gemak software and process engineers worked closely with Fresh Pastures production and quality systems team to design the automation flow and software to exacting needs which allows a single person to operate the milk reception, milk and cream processing plant from 4 different  control points. Gemak software engineers have a direct line to Fresh Pastures automation 24/7 and are able to rectify issues within minutes and make any required changes.

Testing and Commissioning:

The equipment, produt and C.I.P lines were connected and tested in our factory before being dismantled for shipment. This allowed us to finish and commision the equipment, product and C.I.P stainless steel lines within 15 days of our siteworks team arriving on site.