Tomlinsons choose Gemak to supply continious yogurt plant


Date: 30/10/2014

Tomlinsons “largest liquid dairy in Wales” appoint Gemak to install a state of the art Cream and Yogurt plant which incorporates a new application, first time in the UK.

Tomlinsons chose Gemak to design, manufacture and install a fully automated continuous cream and yogurt plant at their Wrexham Plant.

The new plant was commissioned at the end of October and is capable of a fully automated continuous blending and processing of 3000 l/h yogurt and desserts without the need for preparing premixes prior to pasteurisation. The plans for the new plant come on the back of a successful growth in Tomlinsons fruit yogurt and cream market.

The plant incorporates a new processing application that was developed by Gemak in the last 2 years and already applied successfully at a number of yogurt and ice-cream plants around the world.

The new application removes a timely process of pre-mixing and preparing of the blends for the base prior to pasteurisation with a new inline automated liquid and powder recipe blend process in line with the continuous pasteurisation. The benefits of the new system are 60-80% reduction in energy use, 70% increase in processing speed, 60% improvement in process controls, monitoring and recording.

The new system allows Tomlinsons to choose the recipes, amounts to be processed and the destination vessels from the PLC and the plant automatically and one after the other accept, blend, homogenise, pasteurise, hold, cool the milk, cream, powders and direct to the fermentation tanks at a rate of 3000 l/h countiniously without having to do a wash down in between recipe change overs.

Tomlinsons Dairy MD, Philip Tomlinson said “We are very excited about our new plant and opportunities it will bring to our business. We have visited Gemak at their new production plant and were very impressed with their quality, manufacturing, level of engineering and their experience in dairy processing. They were also the only company that offered a truly bespoke turnkey solution from in house with their own staff who is responsible for design, manufacturing, software, automation, installation and commissioning which gives us a peace of mind as they have full control of all of the crucial stages and accountability. They also offered the quickest lead time and competitive prices in the market.”

Kursat Uysal from Gemak UK said “We are very excited about the first UK installation of our new continuous yogurt line at Tomlinsons Dairies. This system has proven to be very successful in other markets in the last 2 years offering tremendous savings in energy, increased speed and better process controls. Gemak specialise in process solutions for the dairy industry and has manufatured and installed over 300 turnkey dairy plants around the world since 1986.”

Tomlinsons product range

Tomlinsons product range