Blending & Mixing


Blending & Mixing

Gemak blending solutions are either continuous in-line blending or batch blending in tanks or a combination of both. We have solutions for every type of blending and can help you select the system that best suits your production requirements.

Inline Blending:

Gemak inline blending systems offer a fully automated, high precision blending of liquids and powders for dairy products and beverages ensuring uniform product quality and uncompromising food safety. The bespoke software and automation offer tailor-made applications to achieve high throughput and fast product changeovers eliminating product losses.

Gemak also are pioneers in continuous pasteurisation with inline blending systems for yogurt and ice cream production lines minimizing process time, energy, product losses, human error, investment costs whilst maximising output, product quality, precision and profit.


syrup blending

Batch Blending:

Batch blending is either done in a vessel or out of the vessel with the use of an external powder/liquid mixer. It is used for pre-mixing, final mixing and for gentle mixing like cottage cheese curd with dressing. Gemak batch blending systems are offered with a variety of agitation options (gate, anchor, ribbon) based on the mixing and product sensitivity, they can be fitted with load cell weighing system for high accuracy and offered as insulated, cooling and heating jackets

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