Bottling & Canning lines


Bottling & Canning lines

Ektam Machine Industry was established in 1977 to produce turnkey bottling plants for the beverages and drinks sector. The principal activity field of EKTAM is to produce plants that will carry out filling operations for all kinds of carbonated and non-carbonated, alcoholic and soft drinks and liquids.

Before starting production in this field, EKTAM has conducted a preliminary study to employ cutting edge technology and in conclusion, made a license agreement with German S.E.N. “Seitz-Enzinger-Noll” (presently named KHS) for the production of all kinds of bottling machinery and equipment in Turkey.

EKTAM has produced many bottling plants with German technology licenses for many years, and after the end of the license agreement EKTAM, with the experience they now possessed, continued to closely follow the latest technologies to become a leading brand not only in Turkey but also in the whole region for lines from 5,000 to 50,000 packs/h.


Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machines

Megablock – Pressurised Filling (Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Products)

Can Filler and Seamer – Carbonated Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice, Energy Drinks, Beer

Flowmatic – Filling Machine with Electronic Flowmeters (Non-Carbonated Drinks such as Still Water, Fruit Juice, Milk, Yoghurt Drink)

Mega hot – Hot Filling Machine for Fruit Juice

Megastar – Vacuum Filler with Level Principle for Non-Carbonated Liquids and Drinks

Megacell – Net Weight Filler for Edible Oil and Valuable Products

Megavol – Volumetric Piston Filler for Viscous Liquids

COMBIMATIC – Integrated Blowing and Filling Machines

High technology non-stop filling and capping machines that are integrated with blowing units manufacturing PET bottles from pre-forms has been developed to bottle various type of products. These include; Carbonated and Non-Carbonated drinks, Edible Oi & Dairy Products etc.With different options available the Combimatic can reach capacities from 12,000 bottles/hour to 36,000 bottles/hour.

In addition, Combimatic models are available for 5-10 ltr water bottling lines as well with a speed range of 4,000 to 8,000 bottles/hour.

The advantages of the Combimatic are less energy consumption, less footprint space compared to classical systems, no need for conveyors between blowing and filling groups and rinsing groups before filling and provides better hygienic conditions.

Other lines

Complete Bottling Lines

Filling and Capping Machines

Combi System Blowing and Filling Machines

Mixing and Carbonating Units

Bottle Cleaning Units

Labelling Machines

Pasteurizing, Warming and Cooling Tunnels

Carton Packing and Uncasing Machines

Palletizing and Depalletizing Machines

Conveyor Systems

Syrup Preparation and CIP Systems