Butter Processing Lines


Butter Processing Lines

Gemak offer turnkey continuous butter processing and packaging systems for dairies. Milcom specialises in the design and production of processing and packaging machinery for the food industry for pasty products such as Butter, margarine, edible fats,

-Production of machines for the food industry

  Butter: Complete lines for processing and packing of butter

- Filling, forming and wrapping machines for pasty products

- Cutters and thermalizes for processed cheese and other products

- Cartoning machines for blocks

-Butter Lines:

  Continuous butter-making machines with a Capacity from 1.000 to 2.500 kg/hour

- Butter homogenizers

- Butter transport and buffer units

- Wrapping machines with a dosing Range: 10-500 gr

- Block packing machine, Dosing range 10 – 25 kg

- Cartoning machines – automatic and semiautomatic