Gemak Presentation


Gemak Presentation

Turnkey Food Processing Plants:

Gemak has a unique offering with in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, automation, software, installation and service under one roof, making us the “one-stop-shop solution partner of choice” for hundreds of plants around the world within dairy, processed food, beverage and chemical sectors.

Having full control over crucial stages of creating a turnkey plant, allows us to offer the shortest lead times, competitive prices, maximum flexibility and reliability with complete accountability.

Dairy Systems:

Gemak specialises in the design and manufacturing of equipment and systems for the production of pasteurised and UHT milk, cream, butter, cheese, yoghurt, yoghurt drink, ice cream, desserts, milk & whey powder as well as C.I.P, refrigeration & cooling, water treatment, conversion of whey to methane. We combine our design and manufacturing expertise in flow control, thermal processing, mixing & blending, standardisation, evaporation, filtration, drying and metering to create tailored solutions to your needs.

R&D and Bespoke Design:

Gemak’s R&D team consisting of chemical, food and processing engineers work on pioneering projects for processing, automation, application and environmental projects. A recent project was to develop and test a laboratory-scale unit followed by a pilot plant of a high rate conversion of whey to Biogas (Methane) at a cheese producer achieving a +95% conversion rate. All our systems and site works are offered with a bespoke in house design service both in P&ID and 3D.

Site Works:

Gemak’s dedicated site works team consists of over 45 people qualified in pipe works (product, water, ice water, waste, steam, CIP, air, HVAC) as well as electrical cabling, cabling tray and pipe support connections. The team has worked together for many years on various projects all over the world and are accompanied by a site engineer at all times. Our commissioning, training and software team also join the site works for team at different stages of the installations.

Processing Systems and Units:

Milk collection centres, Milk transportation tankers, Milk reception unit, Pasteurization and standardization unit, UHT systems, Cheese Lines (Pasta Filata, Processed, soft, speciality), Cultured product lines (Yogurt types), Cream and butter Units, Plated evaporation systems, Ice-cream and desert lines, CIP systems, White water systems, Valve matrix, Fluid and powder mixing units, Distillation, Ice water units, Biogas Systems (Whey conversion)

Product range:

Storage tanks, Process tanks, Transfer tanks, Vats and vessels, Reception lines, Pasteurisers, Standardisers, Heat exchangers, Homogenisers, Separators, Evaporators, Filtration (UF, NF, MF), Holders, Deodorisation, CIP units, Control cabinets, Flowmeters, Pumps, Mixers, Level sensors, Line filters, Stainless drainage, Valves, Pipes and fittings


Engineering & Design, Plant layouts, Flow diagrams, Equipment selection, Equipment design, R & D, Product development, Testing & application, Performance analysis, Automation (PLC & HMI), Software design, Performance, Production & recipes, Quality and traceability, Site Works, Erection and installation, Pipeworks (Stainless &carbon steel, copper, brass and plastic), Electrical cabling, Insulation (Pipes, & Tanks), HVAC ducts & channels, After Sales Service, Periodic maintenance, Emergency service, Spare parts, Training & online support

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