Pot Filling Machines


Pot Filling Machines

Filltech range of fully automatic rotary container filling machines are suitable for filling liquids, high viscosity and powdery products as well as products with particles from 1000 – 8000 containers/hour. Filltech is a robust, easy to handle, fully automatic cup filling and closing machine which is the ideal solution for small and medium producers in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and home care sectors.

Working principle:

Drops pre-formed cups onto the rotating table, fills the pots, dispenses and seals pre-cut or reel fed lids, stamps a date code, places a snap-on lid and exits onto the conveyor. All sections are sensor operated with independently functioning lanes to eliminate lid, cup and product wastage. Suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning and available with Hepa filter option.


- Lower investment cost
- Single or multi-lane option
- Simple fully automatic operation
- Multifunctional operator-friendly touch screen with self-diagnostics
- No container, no lid detection sensors
- Automatic pre-cut lid pick & place or reel fed seal and cut in place
- Digital temperature control maintaining accurate temperature
- Hygienic design
- Stainless steel eject conveyor