Gemak standardizer is a fully automatic standardizing system designed for continuous standardization in conjunction with a cream separator. It consists of a regulating unit, a fat analyzing unit and a PLC microprocessor that controls the standardizing process.

The fat content of the incoming whole milk is automatically analyzed and the processor automatically controls the fat content of the standardized milk and the standardized cream. The PLC is located in a stainless steel control cabinet, which is mounted on the skid of the Automatic Standardizer. Operator interface for the automatic Standardizer is provided on an OP panel which is mounted either on the unit or on a wall in the vicinity of the automatic Standardizer. CIP of the automatic Standardizer is integrated with the CIP of the pasteurization and separator line.


- For standardized milk: ± 0,02% (Measured in milk tank after pasteurizer upon receiving stable flow and regulation of the pasteurizer)

- For standardized cream: ± 0,2% (Measured in cream collecting tank upon receiving stable flow and regulation of the pasteurizer)


Four standardized milk products and cream products may be pre-selected. The operator interface is used for input and output of various data: Set-point values, fat percentages of products, quantity (litres) of product to be standardized, entering of calibration values for the regulating process, modification (if required) of already keyed-in data. Furthermore, the operator interfaces provided with acknowledgement function of error conditions occurred, read-out of set points and actual quantity values for source products and standardized milk. The following data are displayed on the operator interface :

Source Product, Output Product, Standard Deviation, low rate and total flow of raw milk, standardized milk and standardized cream, Batch information giving total quantity produced per recipe. All product quantity counters are reset whenever a CIP is initiated. Fat % in raw milk, standardized milk and standardized cream


2 pcs. Density Mass flowmeter in sanitary stainless steel design, make Endress+Hauser.

1 pcs. Magnetic flow meter in sanitary design

2 pcs. Regulating valves in sanitary design

2 pcs. Pressure gauges in sanitary design

2 pcs. Air-operated change-over valves, ALFA LAVAL

1 Set of stainless steel piping, fittings and clamp connections in quality AISI 304 and according to the ISO dairy standard.

1 pcs. PLC – Siemens S7-300 PLC in a stainless steel control panel with controls

1 pcs. Siemens 10” touch screen operator panel

1 pcs Operator interface

1 pcs Stainless steel skid for unit assembly of the automatic Standardizer.