UHT Systems


UHT Systems

Gemak designs and manufacture UHT production systems with indirect tubular and indirect plated heat exchangers which is the most cost-effective method of UHT processing. The selection of the technology depends on the product and process parameters. Our UHT systems are designed to produce high-quality ambient dairy and beverage products with precise heat treatment that ensures sterilization without impairing flavour or nutritional value with uncompromising food safety together with consistent product quality.


Gemak indirect tubular UHT systems ensure maximum output with higher turbulence and product flow to reduce fouling and shorten cleaning and maintenance times with varying capacities of 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 l/h with lower operating costs and heat generation of approx. 85%


The benefits of Gemak UHT systems include:

- Reduced downtime and product loss                                                                                                                                                                                           – Low energy and water consumption
- Operator friendly
- Fast inline and mechanical cleaning
- Optimized product quality
- Uncompromising food safety
- Skid mounted system for complete flexibility
- Lower investment costs
- Fully Automatic control

Applications: (Sterilizing, pasteurizing, ultra-pasteurizing)

- Milk
- Juices & other beverages
- Cream
- Tomato-based products
- Custard
- Yogurt
- Sauce
- Dressings/dips
- Nutritional and weight loss drinks
-  Ice cream and milkshake mix